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Who Am I And Why Am I
Here On The Planet Earth ?


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   “There are many popular books which tell you what to do and how to live your life. They show you how to become rich, be healthy, how to love and be successful and many other "how to" secrets.

But do these books really tell you who you are, and why you are on this planet? Have you ever asked yourself the question, "What is this earthly life all about?" "How do I fit into all of this?" Maybe some books answer these questions to a certain extent. Perhaps they reveal certain aspects of the total picture of this life and your personal place in it. Very often, however, a correct aspect is taken out of context and is mistakenly considered to present the whole picture. If you believe that you have grasped the totality of your situation, when in fact, you have only one aspect of it, somewhere along the line you will likely end up dissatisfied and disappointed.

We all have tendencies to believe a certain part of the whole to be the whole in itself and of itself. Ultimately such tendencies bring us nothing but trouble, and yet, we continually do it to ourselves. Have you ever wondered why, and how, we so often manage to get ourselves into all kinds of trouble?

The major problem with books on "How to do this, or how to do that, or how to be this way or that," is that their authors are preoccupied with too much of the outward, external aspects of one's life. Their books tell one how to be successful in one's business, in one's family life, in love matters and in many other related external matters. Although they are important for successful living, nevertheless, these external matters are only the end product of something that does not originate in this world or from one's conscious efforts.

If this is true, and if our conscious everyday efforts in themselves and of themselves are not the originators of our success, happiness, contentment, satisfaction, good health, riches and all other positive things, if they are not the originators of our miseries, sufferings, problems, illnesses, diseases, failures, or whatever, then where do they originate? Are we being unintentionally, or, maybe in some instances even intentionally, mislead into believing that our everyday conscious effort, striving and labor to achieve success, happiness, joy and everything positive in our earthly life is all that we need in order to accomplish our goals? This book is an attempt to answer these and other questions which often plague one's life without ever being properly answered.

Here, you can justifiably challenge the author of this book: How is it that you know all the answers? Who are you anyway?

So you see, we inadvertently end up by asking that crucial question, "Who are you?" Yes, you, now reading these words ask: "Who are you?"

But do you really know who you are? Can a satisfactory answer to this most vital, crucial and important question confronting humankind be found?

I can assure you one can find a way to answer all such vital questions, to the extent that they can be answered, that is, within the limitations imposed on us by the nature of the physical universe and our physical bodies. I was shown the way to find solutions to these crucial questions. If you want to find out if this is true and to answer your question, "Who am I?", you will have to read this book. Thus, when you find out who you are, then you will know who I am.

But, why do you need to read this particular book? Is this book in any way better than other books dealing with similar topics and issues? There are several reasons why you should read this book from your own free will and by your own free choice. By so doing you will determine for yourself whether the ideas in this book are in any way better and different from concepts presented in similar publications.

These reasons are as follows:

I. You are the most important thing you have in your entire life.

As a unique human being, unlike anyone else in the entire universe, you are the most important thing that you have in your life. Has it ever occurred to you, that you yourself, are the most important, significant and crucial thing you have in the entire universe? And that, as far as you are concerned, you can relate to life, to others, to yourself only from, by, through and with your self? Do you know that you cannot be other than your self, or step out of yourself? It is impossible for you to cease being your self in order to relate to others or any other thing.

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Who Am I And Why Am I Here On The Planet Earth ?


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