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This "SEEING CLEARLY" now allows a clear distinction between that which is good and true, that is, which is from the Most High, and that which is evil and false, that is, which is from our external, conscious, outward mind, or our own egoistic self. This is the true meaning of the words, "AND GOD DIVIDED THE LIGHT FROM DARKESS."


These words signify that whatever comes from God, the Lord Jesus Christ and our true Inner Mind can be compared to day and daylight. In addition, whatever comes from our own egoistic self and its external, outward conscious mind can be compared to night and darkness.

By "EVENING" here is meant everything that was before we realized all these things previously described, for it is a state of no proper knowledge, understanding, faith or truth. In such a state, things are obscure and confusing. They are shaded as in the evening.

By "MORNING" in this case means everything that follows, after we realize the true state of affairs. Thus, "MORNING" means to be in light, that is, to know the truth and to have the right, correct and proper knowledge of how things really are. This is what true faith is all about. In a general sense, "EVENING" means all things which are our own, which are in our consciousness and in our lower unconscious mind and which are in our outward life. "MORNING" means all things which are of and from the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Most High, One Indivisible God, and from our Inner Mind. This realization and acknowledgement is what is meant by "THE FIRST DAY OF CREATION." It is the first step in our spiritual reawakening, relearning, restructuring and ultimate transformation from being negative, evil and ignorant human beings (ruled by an outward external type of life full of distortions, falsities, evils and egoism) into true human beings. We can then become highly spiritually evolved beings who derive all things from a state of unconditional love and wisdom, meaning from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High and with the Most High.

As you can see from this illustrative example, those things being described in the first chapter of the Holy Bible are not specifically referring to the physical creation of planet Earth and humankind in time and space, days and nights. Instead, this chapter contains seven progressive steps and states of changes: 1. reformation, 2. regeneration, 3. enlightenment, 4. reawakening, 5. relearning, 6. restructuring and 7. transformation of a human being. This human being is gradually transformed by the Most High from the "void, nothingness and darkness" of the external conscious mind (which is built from myths, illusions and pseudo-knowledge) with all its false, distorted, evil and negative ideas into a highly spiritual being (or what Swedenborg called the celestial man).

In this way we come into the true "image and likeness" of God, or a true heaven in human form. This state of the heavens in us is a state of love, wisdom, goodness, truth, and peace. Therefore it is called the seventh day on which God rested from everything that He/She had done. In this connotation, "to rest," does not literally mean to physically do nothing, as the literal sense implies. It is rather interpreted as a state of continuous profound, deep inner peace and satisfaction that stems from unconditional love and wisdom.

If God actually were to rest physically and do nothing more, the entire Creation would perish. The function of Creation is properly maintained by continuous, unceasing creative effort of the Most High. The seventh day, or Sabbath, is a state free of conflict and problems. To keep the Sabbath day, signifies to keep yourself free from conflicts, problems, stresses, tensions and all other negativity. It does not literally mean that you have to do nothing on one particular day.

There is however, an important spiritual principle of balancing of our everyday living. This principle requires that we pay equal attention to rest, fun, humor, play and relaxation. It is done for the purpose of maintaining good spiritual, mental and physical health. In this way we can be in good shape to fulfill our important mission on this planet and perform better use for mutual benefit, common good and sharing with all.

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