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Now you can see how the entire Holy Bible should be conceived, interpreted and understood. (There are precisely thirty-five books in the Old and New Testament containing this kind of inner sense that should be conceived this way. The rest do not contain this inner sense. To learn more about this issue in the Holy Bible, refer to other books that can be found at website. It will also be found in Swedenborg's writings, more particularly in his "The Four Doctrines"- the "Second Doctrine Concerning the Holy Scripture.")

It is erroneous to think that the Most High created the physical universe and its inhabitants first. To the contrary, in its original form, the physical universe and its inhabitants were created last. (The Most High however, never stops creating new things and therefore Creation is a continuous eternal process.)

Now, let us return to the true history of things which happened on planet Earth.

The original first human beings appeared on planet Earth approximately one hundred and forty million years ago. But before the appearance of human beings, the evolution of plant and animal life forms appeared to allow for the development of a physical form of life most suitable for life under the conditions that were specific to planet Earth at that time. This means that neither spiritually, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, sexually or physically, did human beings originate and evolve from lower life forms into the higher form of life as a result of the evolutionary chain. From this point of view, the theories of Darwin and his followers are completely wrong. They have fallen into a trap cunningly designed by the negative state.

We shall speak more about this trap briefly in a moment. However, the traditional interpretations of the Holy Bible's literal version concerning the story of Adam and Eve, are also totally wrong. This is especially true when people are led to believe that in the beginning God created one single human being whom He called Adam, and later on, because poor Adam was bored to death alone, God decided to give him a helper, a woman - a second single human being. Thus we have here two single human beings, from whom supposedly the entire humankind on planet Earth descended. We will be briefly discussing what these things actually mean in the next chapter.

The first true human beings were a direct endowment of life from and by the Most High into a physical form created for that purpose by the Most High. This form was patterned after a prototype which was established at that time on planet Earth. It was a most suitable and livable form for the conditions existing at that time. That physical form had some remote resemblance to the then existing ape-like creature (but not an ape as we know it today). This resemblance erroneously led scientists to believe that humans developed from apes, but in reality the first people on planet Earth did not evolve even physically into their present physical appearance from any animal form whatsoever.

The first human beings that appeared on this planet did not appear in the dimension we know, and of which we are aware. It was a different Earth, existing in a totally different dimension and one unknown to us. That dimension had, and has at all times, direct connections with the entire Creation which consists of the true spiritual world, the true intermediate world and the true physical world.

The first original human beings had very little resemblance to what we look like and function like at the present time. Neither did they have vocal cords. Thus communication among early individuals was direct, on the level of their Inner Mind, without the aid of spoken, audible words. Instead, they communicated in ideas, pure thoughts, concepts and images. Externally, they lived in a silent world. Also all plant and animal life of that time had no resemblance to the plant and animal life as we know it today. Only positive, beautiful and peaceful life forms existed on planet Earth at that time.

The physical appearance of the first humans was entirely different from ours. They were giants of immense proportions. They did not have any elimination of urine and feces or any waste from their bodies as we do. Whatever they consumed in the form of food and drink was utilized one hundred percent, being converted into pure physical energy, without leaving any traces of waste. If there was an over utilization of anything in the form of food and drink, it was transformed into stored energy in the stomach and other regions of the body. Usually, this energy emanated from a person as a bright light of various colors. It was also accompanied by a beautiful, scintillating fragrance.

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