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From the very beginning, the first people were created by the Most High into fully developed forms, as fully knowledgeable adult people. At that time, ignorant children were not born. New humans appeared as needed, when needed and where needed by direct endowment and creative effort of the Most High. No physical childbirth existed.

Sexual intercourse was not required for procreation but was carried on solely for pleasure, mutual sharing and exchange of everything that one had and felt with opposite sexual characteristics. In every case, sexual intercourse was specifically used as a means to acquire greater knowledge of the Most High, others and oneself, with only one purpose in mind: for mutual benefit, common good, sharing and use for all. No negative, ulterior, egoistic, possessive, jealous, evil or other adverse thoughts, feelings or desires existed at that time. No knowledge or practice of the negative state was conceivable or even thinkable for them at that time. The first people were created by the Most High in the fullness of all spiritual, mental, physical and scientific knowledge which was available from the entire Creation up to that point. These early humans possessed all knowledge and all wisdom of all the universes and all mankind in the Most High's Creation. No ignorance or unconscious processes, states and conditions or unconscious mind existed. Everything in human mind was conscious, obvious and clear. No illness, disease, infections or any other adverse, negative and deadly states or conditions existed at that time. The average Earthly life-span of the first people was approximately five thousand years. When anyone fulfilled his/her purpose for being on this planet, that one simply left one's physical body and went to the spiritual world to continue one's eternal life of spiritual growth and spiritual progression. There was no death as it is known at the present time.

Originally, approximately four million people were simultaneously endowed with life on planet Earth. Those first four million people are summarily referred in the Holy Bible as "Adam." Their state and condition is described in Biblical symbolic terms as Adam's life in the Garden of Eden, before Eve was created from his rib.

This original and genuine condition of mankind continued for approximately twenty thousand years. After that time, a second phase in human history on planet Earth began, a period which continued for approximately one hundred million years. This is how long it took for the second round of people to come to the point where the so-called "Fall of Man" was initiated. It took approximately thirty million years in Earthly time for the Fall itself to come to its full realization. Thus, it was not a matter of one day or one night as it appears from a literal sense of the Holy Bible, even though many people believe it lasted only one day and night.

After the first people left planet Earth and the second generation became established here, these humans originally continued with the same lifestyle experienced by the first people. Scientists of that society were in charge of the external arrangements of this world. They were preoccupied with studying the laws and correspondences of the physical world from the standpoint of sensory, physical or bodily organs. The natural position from which they were assigned to study the material world and the physical body was obviously from the outside, by observation. Scientists described these functions for the purpose of aligning and harmonizing natural laws with spiritual, inner laws and establishments. Thus, the scientists of that ancient society were in charge of maintaining continuous unification with, and derivation of everything in the material world and physical body from the spirit, soul, mind and the spiritual world and its laws and establishments. These early scientists made sure that there would not be any occurrence of discord, disharmony or separation of the states and processes of the material world and the human physical body from the spiritual world, from the spiritual Inner Mind and from God.

By the nature of their work these scientists had to observe and describe everything from the outside, that is from the point of view of the material world and from the function of the physical body. Thus, they were limited in their work by the tools which they had, namely: the human sensory organs. This is known to be a safe method of observation as long as one keeps in mind the fact that sensory organs are limited. Moreover, that they originate from spiritual ideas for the purpose of accommodating the living spirit in the physical body and the physical universe. The tragedy starts only when one decides that these human, physical sensory organs are independent of any spiritual laws and that they have their own life, unconnected to or independent of anything or anyone else.

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