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The scientific curiosity of the human mind is proverbial. Consider that the second people on Earth possessed unimaginable (undreamed of by us) knowledge and science. Their scientists had an incomparable curiosity to explore and to experiment. Their curiosity was much greater and broader than that of the scientists in our time. Today's scientists cannot, in their wildest dreams and imagination, realize what was available to those scientists and the state of their science at that time.

For that reason, at one point in their history, the scientists of the second generation, from observing and studying the laws of matter and of the sensory organs of the human body, raised the following crucial, vital and important question:
WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF THE ORIGIN OF LIFE COULD BE EXPLAINED BY THE SO-CALLED PHYSICAL LAWS AND NATURAL PROCESSES WITHOUT ANY INVOLVEMENT OF SPIRITUAL LAWS, THE SPIRITUAL WORLD, OR GOD - THE CREATOR? WHAT WOULD LIFE BE LIKE WITHOUT ANY SPIRITUALITY OR IF ONE WERE TO DERIVE SPIRITUALITY SOLELY FROM NATURE INSTEAD OF DERIVING NATURE FROM SPIRITUALITY? (To put nature in the first place, to conceive it as an originator of everything, and then to consider spirituality as the end product of nature's independent development is to put everything upside down and to have a totally distorted spirituality.)

But how does one go about experimenting with such a scientifically intricate and interesting question? Of course, as you know, once such an important and crucial question is asked, it must be answered. This is the nature of Creation. Whatever inquiry is made on any level of Creation, no matter how low or how outward that level is, it must be answered by the means and ways specific to that level. And since the above question was posed from the outward degree of the physical world, which degree was assigned at that time to the planet Earth, it had to be answered in terms of that world, that is on planet Earth, by the tools, ways and means which were specific to that planet. These tools, ways and means were concrete, visible, experiential, sensory, feelable, demonstrative and illustrative examples. There were not any other ways to answer that question so that it could be understood or accepted on that level.

Now, the Most High, the Creator in His/Her timeless and spaceless condition, foresaw that such a question would be asked. Therefore, He/She devised a Grand Plan for responding to the question, answering in the most acceptable, efficient, sufficient and learnable manner possible. Planet Earth was therefore created by the Most High, with this specific purpose in His/ Her mind: Planet Earth was to become a ground upon which that question not only would be asked but it would also be explicitly and experientially answered to the full satisfaction of the entire Creation. The Most High also foresaw that certain people would be willing to volunteer for such an experiment. These people would not only volunteer but they would also be willing to obliterate their memories, so that they would not even remember that they volunteered for this purpose. These people also agreed not to remember all of this, as long as they are on the planet Earth or for as long as this new revelation is being given to humankind.

Once the scientists of that society asked that question, they proceeded with experimentation in order to receive appropriate answers. (As you remember, the question was: "What would happen if the origin of life could be explained by the so-called physical laws and natural processes without any involvement of spiritual laws, the spiritual world, or God - the Creator? What would life be like without any spirituality, or if one were to derive spirituality from nature instead of deriving nature from spirituality?")

The first step to be taken in answering that question was to start to bring people into this world, not by spiritual means, but by scientific or so-called natural means. As you remember, up to this point, people were coming into this world by a direct endowment, by and of the Most High. The Most High would form a suitable physical body extracted from the elements of planet Earth. Into that body, He/She would put a spirit which proceeded from His/Her Absolute Spirit. Upon its entrance in its physical body, the Spirit then vivified the body so that it would become alive. The body can be alive only from the presence of that spirit in it as that spirit is alive from the fact that it came from the Absolutely Living Spirit of the Most High. This is how all people in the entire Creation of the Most High were created. This is the only proper, correct, normal, natural, healthy way and procedure for creation and birth of any kind of people. It is called the spiritual way. Any other way is in violation of this eternal procedure. It invariably becomes an upsidedown position, one that leads to nothing but troubles and misery, as the history of presently existing humankind on planet Earth so vividly illustrates.

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