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If people were able to continue coming to this Earth by the proper spiritual way, there would be no possibility and opportunity to answer that important, crucial and vital question that we formulated above. The reason for this is that whatever is derived from spiritual means, is always spiritual, regardless of what outward form it takes. Thus, in order to properly answer that question, it was necessary to discontinue bringing people into this world by these spiritual means.

But how does one accomplish such a complex task? You have to remember that those scientists had at their disposal a tremendous knowledge of genetic engineering, knowledge of the laws of correspondences or representations and knowledge of all spiritual, mystical, physical and any other arrangements that contained the secrets of life-making. Knowing that the human spirit (which comes from the Absolute Spirit of the Most High) is present in every single cell and in all genes of the human body (from which position that spirit vivifies its body, making it alive), the scientists of that time decided to experiment with human male and female cells. They combined one male and one female cell by the special process of bi-cloning. By this process, and by some other mysterious processes, that we cannot know at this time, they created a living human being, who, for the first time, was not a direct endowment from and by the Most High but only an indirect endowment. This indirect endowment came about from the fact that every living cell of the human body contains "its spirit," which comes from the Absolute Spirit of the Most High, and in which, thus, the Most High is ever present to give life to His/Her Creation.

Thus a human being was created by purely physical, scientific means instead of by spiritual means. In the process of this experimentation the scientists used only purely spiritual material that was originally created by the Most High. This is very important to realize because otherwise we would come to the distorted and false conclusion that humans can create things from themselves, and by themselves. Humans cannot create anything by themselves and from themselves. The only way human beings can create anything at all is from the material which was originally created by the Most High. The Most High permitted this to happen for the all important purpose of learning the answer to that crucial, vital and important question that was posed above. Since the Most High is present in every living cell (in the spirit of that cell) it guarantees that everyone's freedom of choice is preserved. For that reason, whoever participated in such an experiment and whoever was produced by such an experiment, participated and was produced through his/her freedom of choice. This is the nature of the Most High, the One Who creates only "in" freedom and independence and "for" freedom and independence. We shall continue to discuss this issue of free choice in the following chapters.

The notable difference between people who were created by the direct endowment, of and by the Most High, and those people who came into existence in this world by means of the physical, genetic process of bi-cloning, is that people who came by the process of bi-cloning lacked the important spiritual experience of being directly endowed by the Most High. Hence, the beginning of the "Fall," or Spiritual recession. The true meaning of the Fall or Spiritual recession is in the fact that by this process, humankind on Earth started a dangerous trend which turned everything upside down. This process is symbolically described in the Holy Bible, in the book of Genesis, chapter two, verses eighteen through twenty-five. God, creating a wife for Adam from his rib, signifies producing a man by sensorial, physical and natural means because the human lower rib corresponds to, or represents the outward physical world and scientific methodology. That it was God Who put Adam to sleep and performed this surgery, signifies that God permitted this to happen for the sake of learning and that His material was used for that purpose.

This act also signifies that God is always present in any living cell of the human body and unquestionably in the human spirit and soul. It is the place where the man's spirit resides for the purpose of vivifying or making his body alive. Whatever is alive must contain in itself, a certain degree of the Most High's presence, because only the Most High is truly eternally alive, being alive in Himself/Herself and by Himself/Herself. Everyone else is only alive from Him/Her.

This is one reason why it is said in the Bible that God created Eve from Adam's rib. It signifies the Most High's permission for people to do so. Taking out Adam's rib also signifies that people on this planet are going to be made now not by a direct endowment of the Most High but rather by physical means. That Adam was placed into a deep sleep signifies that scientists of that time lost their spiritual perspective. They failed to realize the tremendous dangers into which they were putting the entire future of humankind on planet Earth.

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