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At one point in the history of that humankind, all people originally created by direct endowment from and by the Most High, left planet Earth. A new generation of humans came into being. These humans were brought into this world entirely through a special type of bi-cloning. In the process of this new generation's development, its members became less and less spiritual; an inevitable result, for they lacked that crucial experience of being directly endowed by the Most High. Instead, these humans were becoming more and more sensorial, corporeal and materialistic, gradually turning themselves more and more outside, outward, toward nature, away from their Inner Mind and from the Most High in their Inner Mind. The lack of experience of the direct endowment of life by and from the Most High gradually started the process of ignorance and unconscious processes which eventually led to the establishment of the negative state. If you do not have such an experience, you are both ignorant of that experience and you are consciously unaware of that experience. This is how ignorance and unconscious processes came to their fruition. This is how the negative state was allowed to be activated and put into dominance as it is so evident on the planet Earth at the present time.

The danger of that situation was in those people gradually losing interest in God, in spirituality and in spiritual values. At the same time, they still possessed tremendous knowledge; even more so, because more knowledge had been accumulated in the process of millions of years since the first appearance of humankind on this planet. Unfortunately, they started to use this knowledge for non-spiritual purposes.

As one generation followed another through this special process of bi-cloning, a new generation came into being and existence that developed hatred for everything spiritual and everything that was coming from the Most High. This hatred was combined with envy and fierce lustful desire to abolish everything spiritual, to expel God, the Most High, from Creation and to take over the entire Creation, with the intent of making themselves gods and uncontested rulers of everything that existed.

In order to do that they needed proof that no one needs the Most High for anything and that the Most High is not a true Creator but rather that life originated from nature and matter without any Divine presence or effort because primeval matter always existed throughout all of eternity, without beginning or end.

Well, how would you go about proving that human beings are not created by the spiritual means from the Most High but are only a natural process of evolution, from dead elements in matter to the single cell amoeba and later on, to become lower animals, gradually evolving into humans? In other words, how do you prove that from nothing comes something? Or that life originated from the non-life of matter? To prove this means to prove that there is no God-Creator or spiritual principle. It means that humans have, in fact, created in their imagination, a God in a human likeness and image, and these humans produced all kinds of spiritual laws to prove their point. By proving that you can now really establish an upside down position proclaiming it to be the right-side up position.

That generation, which strived to prove this point, experimented with various alternatives until it came up with a grandiose plan. Their scientists then devised a crafty and cunning scientific hoax, providing for it all kinds of proof, beyond a shadow of a doubt, so that future scientists would have no choice but to believe that which they saw with their scientific eyes as being scientific fact.

This generation, what they did, and what happened afterward, is described in the Holy Bible, in chapter three of the Book of Genesis, by the fall of Adam and Eve.

As the scientists of that generation observed the animal life, they noticed the manner and ways by which the procreation of highly evolved mammalian animals took place. The procreation was by the means of impregnation of a female animal by a male animal through copulation and penetration of the penis into the female vagina and depositing in it the male's semen. The animal fetus developed in its mother's womb and after its birth, was helplessly dependent on its parents for survival.

Thus, the first idea which occurred to the scientists was that, in order to make people dependent on the externals or outward natural laws, they would have to restructure them in such a manner that they would exactly adopt the behavior of animals. This process would then allow scientists to fabricate the type of people who would tend to look outside, outward, to nature and natural laws, instead of looking inward, into the Inner Mind, to the Most High and to His/Her spiritual laws. Moreover, scientists did not like the process of bi-cloning, because it still contained too much spirituality.

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