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Bi-cloning could not produce the desirable amount of ignorance and unconscious processes. With ignorance and unconscious processes, scientists intended to establish the rule and dominion of the negative state. The negative state is a state of looking outside, outward, toward nature, instead of looking inside, to the Inner Mind, and to the Most High.

In the moment that early generation devised this plan and decided to proceed with its realization, tremendous havoc occurred. It created a warp in the spiritual, intermediate and physical universes, and in the fabric of time and space. This cataclysmic event threw them out from the dimension of the true Creation they occupied up to that point. In the Biblical terms they were expelled from the Garden of Eden, meaning from the true Creation.

After this early generation was thrown out, it fell from the real Planet Earth into the so-called Zone of Displacement, a dimension that exists parallel to the true Creation. To repeat, that early generation fell out from the real planet Earth into its Zone of Displacement or into anti-universe, where they were allowed to continue with their experimentations. Unfortunately, they were able to take with them all the knowledge they possessed. In addition, they also brought along samples of all existing animals and plants from their original planet Earth. (For details about the "Zone of Displacement" I would like to refer you to my other books that you can download from website).

Up to that point, this Zone of Displacement was uninhabited. Now, having all knowledge, means and correspondences retained and available, the early generation was then free to go ahead with their plans. As mentioned just above, they brought all animal cells, samples and genes from the true planet Earth. Then they decided to use those genes to fabricate a pseudo-man, one who would be entirely different from them, and unlike anything ever created by direct endowment, from and by the Most High. Here, scientists decided to utilize animal genes in production of new creatures whom they called "man." They needed animal ignorance and lack of conscious self-awareness. This would allow them to be in total control of that creature-man. The control would be established through external means and by means of dependency of that pseudo-man on external factors, on the natural laws and on external mind rather than on internal factors, on spiritual law, on the Inner Mind and on the Most High, as is the case with spiritual man. Yet, these scientists also needed to retain some degree of the original human semblance, so that the newly fabricated people would be able to learn what the scientists wanted them to learn. For that reason, after several million years of experimentation, scientists succeeded in fabricating a pseudo-man that contained ninety-five percent of the genes and endowment of the animal life. As a result, only five percent of the genes and endowment from the true humans remained. This five percent however, was sufficient to retain in newly fabricated people, the ability to develop self-concept, rationality and higher forms of learning.

In the process of manipulation through genetic endowment in fabricating pseudo-man, scientists, living at that time, suppressed or genetically removed all knowledge of anything spiritual; of any need to go inward; of any knowledge of the Inner Mind and spirituality and of the Most High. Beyond this, many other things enjoyed by the original humans were suppressed. They made pseudo-people totally dependent upon external, outward natural laws and one's conscious mind. This action blocked off any conscious access to the five percent of truly human and Godly qualities, which scientists needed to retain in order to accomplish their goal.

Because the scientists of that time fabricated all of these events, henceforth, they shall be called: "pseudo-creators."

In order to prove further that these newly fabricated human beings evolved from animals, and not from, and by the direct endowment of the Most High, the pseudo-creators also fabricated a caricature of a newly fabricated man which they called an ape. They placed this ape in the proximity of newly fabricated humans so that future scientists would have little choice but to conclude that human beings evolved from apes. This kind of conclusion is easy to make due to the fact that the physical body of the newly fabricated man, apes and other mammalian creatures, were functionally almost the same without too much difference. Most of the manipulation and change was done to female humans, enabling the woman to conceive a child in her womb and to give birth to babies in exactly the same manner as mammalian animals.

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