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Thus, a physical birth of a human child is an animalistic process fabricated by the pseudocreators in order to eliminate anything spiritual and Godly from human life. Of course, scientists of the present time fully bought this tremendous scientific hoax fabricated by the pseudo-creators. This hoax leads modern scientists to the conclusion that life originated from nature and matter, and not from the Most High and spiritual principles.

Has it ever occurred to you why God-the-Creator would order the Children of Israel to follow certain rituals following sexual intercourse and childbirth involving this kind of animalistic means? Read chapter twelve in the Book of Leviticus (the third book of Moses) in the Holy Bible. After childbirth through animalistic means, or after each period of menstruation, a woman was ordered to appear before the priest to sacrifice a burnt offering and a sin offering for her atonement. Subsequently to this her sins of childbirth and menstruation were forgiven. A woman had to purify herself for thirty-three days after she bore a male child. If she bore a female child, the mother had to be purified for sixty-six days.

Why was this so? If God were the true and direct originator of the presently existing people on this planet and of the ways they give birth to their children, why would something Godly like childbirth be considered a sin? Or why a man who had an emission of his semen, if it is such a natural, normal and proper process, had to wash his entire body and be unclean until evening? (Leviticus, chapter fifteen, verse sixteen, and in other Biblical references.)

The true reason why these rituals were ordered by the Most High, was to bring to our attention the fact that presently existing humans on the planet Earth and the way and means in which babies are born into this world - and by which male and female make love to each other - were not originally created by the Most High. Instead, present day humans are the end product and result of genetic, magical, correspondential and other mysterious manipulations of the pseudo-creators. They were allowed to do so in order to illustrate by living examples, the answer to that previously stated, important, crucial, vital question. Moreover, the reason why a woman had to purify herself twice-over after giving birth to a female child, because the most alteration, change and genetic manipulation was done on females. Furthermore, because, originally, sexual intercourse was never meant to be for procreation, in the process of that sexual intercourse, no semen was emitted and, therefore, no external physical ways and means were present in the process of lovemaking. This is one of the reasons why with this new arrangement (fabricated by the pseudo-creators) the emission of semen corresponds to those sinful, external ways and means of life that bring people nothing but troubles.

Thus, as you can see from this situation, presently existing humans on planet Earth are not true, original, genuine humans created by the Most High. We are the result of a cunningly and craftily devised plan and genetic, magical, correspondential and other mysterious types of manipulations by pseudo-creators. As mentioned above, they did this for the purpose of the destruction of anything spiritual and Godly in us. They also did this for the purpose of the activation and dominance of the negative state, in opposition to and different from anything positive and good which comes from the Most High.

Once the pseudo-creators accomplished this, the negative state came into full life. Consequently, it was put in full dominance throughout the entire Zone of Displacement and in the natural form on this planet Earth (this particular dimension in which we live).

The next important step which was necessary to take for the pseudo-creators was to eliminate any traces of their existence in the natural degree of planet Earth and in its Zone of Displacement. This was done so that no link or connection could be established to them and to their scientific hoax. Their tremendous knowledge of universal laws and their spiritual correspondences, enabled them to travel backward in time, even before the physical Earth came into being and existence. Pseudo-creators in this manner settled themselves in the Zone of Displacement of the spiritual world. There they established and developed an entirely different style and mode of life. This lifestyle opposed everything positive, Godly and good. It was and is ruled entirely by all kinds of evil, falsities, distortions and perversions of the original states and processes of Creation. These evil, falsities, etc., are continuously produced anew by them. The state and condition which they established in this plane, parallel to the true spiritual world, place or state, is called hell(s). Its parallel world of goodness and truth, or of the positive state, is called heaven(s). Thus the negative state is - in its nature - a true hell, while the positive state is - in its nature - a true heaven.

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