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Once the pseudo-creators established themselves firmly in their hells, they fabricated all kinds of creatures, demons, satans, devils and similar monstrous inventions there. They also started a fierce spiritual war against the entire Creation of the Most High for the purpose of taking over and establishing their own uncontested rule and dominion over all of Creation.

By the pseudo-creators' establishment of hells, the original history of true humankind on planet Earth ended. From that point on, the new era of the pseudo-humankind (with pseudohumans) with the history of continuous bloodshed, hatred and all kinds of negativity started. In the process of the pseudo-creators' travel backward in time, by that process itself, they erased any traces of their ever having been on planet Earth. This was necessary for them to do in order to prevent future scientists from discovering any possible indication of what really happened. If such evidence and proof were ever found, people could then become aware of the true state of affairs and would certainly do something about it. 'This was the last thing the pseudo-creators ever wanted to happen.

If you are interested in learning more about these events and happenings, you are advised to familiarize yourself with the other books that can be downloaded from website. All address these issues more deeply and in greater detail.

The pseudo-creation of the presently existing people on this planet happened approximately four million or so years ago. The beginning of the so-called "Fall" commenced approximately thirty million years ago. In the process of the pseudo-creators' backward travel in time and space, they caused tremendous cataclysms, catastrophies and turmoils in the fabric of the physical universe. They still reverberate at the present time. As a result of these upheavals, the Earth's original one continent was split into several continents. Many other things also happened of similar catastrophic nature described in the Holy Bible as the "Flood."

Scientists consider these and similar events to be natural catastrophies. But, as you can see, they were carefully planned by pseudo-creators who possessed full knowledge of how to produce all of these devastating events. They did this for the purpose of having total control of all future events that would be occurring on planet Earth. In this way they sought to dominate the people that they put there together with apes and other animals.

As correspondences and representations of these negative, evil and adverse thoughts, feelings and affections, exhibited by the pseudo-creators, they fabricated in hells various correspondences which have been consciously projected into our dimension on this planet. These adverse affections usually appear here in a concrete form of all kinds of negative, poisonous and dangerous plants; animals, fish, birds; insects, germs, viruses, human illnesses, disorders; wars, sufferings, accidents, incidents, perversions, ad infinitum. Thus, all adverse, bad, negative, evil and atrocious things that we experience on this planet and in our life as humans, are the result of the work of the pseudo-creators, as briefly described above. From this you can see that all negative things and the negative state, did not originate from or were never created by the Most High as many people believe.

Of course, you have to realize that many other things, events and happenings were produced by the pseudo-creators. This ultimately led to activation of the negative state, fabrication of pseudo-humans and inhabitation of the Zone of Displacement. It also provided for the establishment of hells in the spiritual world and their connectedness to everything negative which has been going on continuously in our earthly life. Not all of these things are accessible to our conscious mind or to our proper understanding. What has been revealed by the Most High about this situation, thus far, is sufficient - for the time being - for us to realize the true state of affairs. This realization may lead you, if you choose so by your own free will, to a revolutionary change in your life, in your thinking, in your feelings and in your behavior in positive ways. This will enable you to free yourself from the trap which was so craftily and cunningly set for all of us by the activators of the negative state.

Of course, your question can well be, "But how did I come into this mess? And, why me?" Your important question deserves an important answer. That answer will be given to you in the following chapters.

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