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For a better understanding of what has been said so far, we shall summarize it with the following points:

I. The History Of Humankind And Your Origin Is Not What You Think It Is.

The answer to the question posed in the heading of this chapter states that the history of mankind and thus the history of your own origin, as described in various traditional scientific, historic, and religious books is incorrect. Science and history have no indication whatsoever that anything as previously described ever happened. As you can see, it was carefully assured by the pseudo-creators that no scientific proof of anything described here could ever be found.

Divine Providence of the Most High however, provided that all these events, the way they really happened, would be recorded in the books of the Holy Bible, though in a disguised manner (in the language of parables, representations and correspondences). The word "correspondences" means that any word of the external human language, a word or words which we use for our expressions and communication would contain manifold meanings. One meaning is literal, just exactly what we mean by it. But beyond literal meanings, there are other deeper meanings that reflect a different state of affairs. These are not easily apparent in the literal sense. I am told by the Most High, that each word in the Bible has at least ten different meanings or levels of meanings. Of these, we have little or no notion whatsoever.

A good example of this law, or the word "correspondence" is the correspondence itself. What do you understand by the word "correspondence"? That you, for example, write a letter to someone about something. This is to say that you correspond with that person. This correspondence somehow connects you with that person. But this word also means that you are in a certain proximity to that person and that person is somewhere else and that he/she means something to you.

The word "correspondence" also means to relate from one position to another position. Such relatedness connects those two different positions in a way that they are aware of each other. Another meaning of the word "correspondence" is to symbolize something, or to represent something. Consider, for example, the word "light." The literal meaning of "light" is daylight when you can clearly see with your physical eyes. But it also means to be enlightened, that is, to know the truth. Thus, we can say that light corresponds to truth, and truth corresponds to wisdom, because wisdom consists of a proper knowledge of truth. This gives you light and clear vision or understanding, what to do and how to do things correctly, properly and successfully. This is what correspondences are all about. This is how the Most High disguised all of those events in the Holy Bible described in this chapter.

But, of course, traditional religions do not know about or accept such a meaning of the Bible, with the exception of Swedenborg's followers, and if they know, they deny these correspondences or their usefulness. By this denial they lose access to the truth and real knowledge of what really happened, how it really happened and why it really happened the way it did.

The reason why the Most High dictated the Holy Bible through specially selected people was to maintain some degree of external connectedness with everyone in the Zone of Displacement, that is, in the negative state, with everyone in the positive state. This act provides a means for eventual return of everyone to the original spiritual state of affairs, that is, back to the Most High. Another reason why the Holy Bible was written in these correspondences was to accommodate its meaning to all circles and dimensions of Creation which are in different levels and degrees of understanding of truth and its good and good and its truth. This was also done for the purpose of preventing people on Earth from profanation of the holiness of the sacred true knowledge contained in the Holy Bible. This profanation would cause people's eternal destruction without any possibility of salvation (coming back home). Only when the time is ripe, will these facts be revealed by the Most High. Obviously, the present time is ripe and therefore the secret about what really happened is now being revealed to anyone willing to listen and act upon the revelation in a positive sense.

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