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II. You Are Not What Science And Religion Think You Are.

In view of these facts it is obvious that you are not what either science or traditional religion says that you are. Neither are you the evolutionary evolvement from animal life and matter, as scientists would like you to believe. Nor are you the direct creation of the Creator, the Most High, as traditional religion would like you to believe. In your present form and condition you are the product of a million years of genetic, and some other mysterious manipulations of the pseudo-creators who set out to prove that human life does not have to originate from the Most High and His/Her spiritual principles. However, the material which was used by the pseudo-creators for fabrication of so-called modern man, and thus your present form, was created by the Most High. This material was subsequently abused and misused by the pseudo-creators for evil purpose and intent. These pseudo-creators were the eighth humankind in a succession of humankind, on planet Earth which appeared on this planet through the process of bi-cloning. It commenced approximately eighty million years ago according to earth's relative time.

III. You Are Here Voluntarily For An Experiment To Answer Important Spiritual Questions.

All of this was permitted to happen by the Most High for the purpose of answering the question which was raised by the scientists. They were the second original humankind that appeared on the planet Earth approximately less than one hundred forty million years ago. The question is as follows: What would happen if the origin of life could be explained by the so-called physical laws and natural processes of matter without any involvement of any spiritual laws, spiritual world or the Most High-the-Creator? What would life be like without any spirituality or if you were able to derive spiritual principles from matter and nature, instead of seeing matter and nature as a product, an outcome of the spiritual laws and principles?

In order to answer these questions in the language of concrete illustration and manifestation for the benefit of all in the entire Creation of the Most High, He/She, permitted an experiment that would lead to the conditions in which the results, outcomes and consequences of that experiment would be fully actualized and realized. Hence, the answer to that question would be given by a living example. This living example is reflected in the history of modern humankind on this planet.

A planet was designed for this purpose. Volunteers sought out those who would not only be willing to produce and participate in this experiment but those who would be willing to agree with the necessity to eliminate any memory from their conscious awareness that they had even volunteered for such an experiment. Otherwise, the experiment would not have any validity and usefulness and no proper answer to that question could be given. Thus, no proper and correct learning could come to its fruition.

The planet was planet Earth, and everyone who has ever been on this planet, and is on it at the present time, or ever will be, is on it strictly on a voluntary basis. Thus you are here on this planet by your own choice, of your own free will, for a certain purpose. We are all here for a very important spiritual reason, which includes the choice not to remember anything about this choice.

IV. The True Origin Of The Negative State.

By the process of this experimentation, the negative state and everything evil, bad, false, distorted and perverted, came into its being and existence. Thus, the negative state did not originate from the Most High. It was rather the result of denial that life and human beings were created by the Most High from Himself/Herself, and from His/Her spiritual principles. The outcomes and consequences of this denial are vividly illustrated by the history of humankind on planet Earth for the last four million years or so.

V. Everything In You And In This World Is Upside Down.

The result of this experimentation in the negative state was the institution of ignorance and unconscious processes. These led people to depend upon others and upon physical laws. Thus, they lost the initial and original mind control they previously held over all natural and physical laws.

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