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This kept humans from turning themselves inward to their Inner Mind, where all true and genuine knowledge about the above described facts, as well as about everything else concerning life and Creation, is stored. This knowledge is available for everyone who finds the right key to open the entrance into their Inner Mind.

Thus, you are not only limited in your knowledge about everything and yourself, but from the external world, you are fed false and distorted knowledge, information which most of us consider to be true knowledge. By acceptance of this situation a firm condition has been established in this world, in you (your conscious mind) in which everything is upside down. This position is falsely believed by all of us to be right side-up and proper.

VI. What You Consider To Be A True Life Is Not A True Life, But Non-Life.

From the above described experimentation a false idea was established and accepted by most of us that human life on earth in its present form is a true life, and that whatever happens here is a normal, healthy and natural state of affairs. We are also led to believe that this is the way it is supposed to be and that nothing can be done about this situation. The true reality about all of this, however, is that what you consider to be the true life is a false life, a pseudo-life, a dead life.

It is non-life and a lousy, miserable, imitation, fake life, which has nothing good and nothing true in itself and of itself. There is nothing of true life in it whatsoever.

VII. Everything Serves Its Purpose, And You Are Learning Very Important Spiritual Lessons.

The full extent of the usefulness of this experimentation in the negative state and its fake life, or non-life, can be known only to the Most High. Everyone in the entire Creation, including all of us who are direct participants in this pseudo-life of the negative state, continue to learn from everything that has been happening in all regions where the negative state dominates. This includes planet Earth (the dimension of Earth on which we live). Everything of this nature serves a very important spiritual purpose which is very difficult for us to understand. The reason for this non-understanding is in the fact that we volunteered and agreed not to understand the purpose fully. This situation will last until it is over for every one of us individually, or until a specific time, appointed by the Most High, when the usefulness of this negative state's being and existence is exhausted and is no longer needed for any purpose.

VIII. What You Consider To Be Human Is Nothing Even Remotely Human.

It is important to realize that ninety-five percent of that which we are, or consist of, is an imposed, artificially induced state. We are the result of genetic manipulation, a forceful attachment of animalistic tendencies contained in those genes which were taken from then existing animals by the pseudocreators and used for their experimentations. This was done for the purpose of making humans into beast-like creatures, pseudohumans that could be ruled by beastly affections, raw emotions, fears, aggressions, violence, dependency, externalization and in total ignorance regarding all matters of life and spirituality.

From this fact stems a very obvious conclusion that what we consider to be human is not even remotely human. Thus, we have no true knowledge from our conscious experience what it is like to be a true human. The true human part in us (the remaining five percent) was carefully closed off so that we would have no conscious access to it. This was obviously done for the purpose of preventing us from discovering the real truth about ourselves, our life and life in general; but more particularly, about the true nature of the Most High, including the true nature of the negative state.

However, by the will of the Most High, this situation with this new revelation about these matters is changing. Therefore, you are hereby given the opportunity and tools to get in touch with that five percent within you which is truly human in you and gradually eliminate from your life everything which is not truly you. This book serves this important purpose.”

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