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Have you ever wondered if things are really occurring in the way they seem to be happening with you and others around you, and what the meaning and purpose is for all of this? Is there really any meaning and purpose to all of this or is it all meaningless, with no sense? Are you satisfied with the explanations you receive from mass media, scientific types of books, from various religions or similar sources as they are now presented to you? Have you ever wondered if the visible universe and all things in it and all things on this Earth are truly the way they are supposed to be, or seem to be?

If you have ever seriously considered these and related questions, then you are strongly advised to deliberate on what follows in this book. As you know, in order to seriously ponder the contents, you need to know what is written in this book.

IV. Asking The Wrong Questions From The Wrong Source.

Have you ever wondered why no one so far has been able to give you satisfactory and exhaustive answers to any of the above questions; questions that seem to be the most vital, crucial and important of all? Neither science, history, psychology, nor religion (in its present form), nor other sources known, have ever entirely agreed upon these issues. Their sources are full of contradictions, disagreement, guesswork, tentative conclusions, and superficial knowledge upon which one can never fully rely. Nor can one fully trust these sources without experiencing eventual disappointment, or being misdirected. A dire need for change or correction is frequently necessary somewhere along the line. Why is it so often difficult or seemingly impossible for all concerned, to fully agree on anything at all? Why is it that there are so many views, opinions and stances opposing one another, for which people will even kill, trying to prove that they are right and everyone else is wrong?

Is there any way to find out why this is so, and why all of our present knowledge about these issues is so unstable, unreliable and unsatisfactory? Is there any method by which we can find answers to all of these and similar questions, answers capable of satisfying everyone in a way in which all can agree? Has it ever occurred to you that science, psychology, history, philosophy, religion (in its present form) and all other sources of knowledge perhaps ask the wrong questions? Or possibly, these sources have been answering these questions in the wrong way? Has it ever occurred to you that they are looking into the wrong sources from which they are trying so desperately, to find answers to these and similar questions? Is it at all possible for a limited human being to find answers to these profound questions? If it is, how do we go about finding them? What is the true source of human knowledge? What are the forces that cause us to be the way we are, as we are, on this earth?

If you are seriously interested in these mysteries then you have a good reason for reading this book.

V. Life Is Not What You Think It Is.

Have you ever been interested in finding out why there is so much negativity and evil in existence on planet Earth? Why do people hate one another, so much that they even come to the point of killing one another through the means of wars, accidents, catastrophies; in the commission of crimes and in so many other ways? Why is it that humankind on planet Earth developed such devastating weapons, destructive devices with which they can annihilate all life and destroy planet Earth within minutes? Have you ever asked yourself why there is so much illness, disease, perversion, nastiness, ugliness, misfortune; all kinds of dangerous things, poisonous plants and venemous insects, vicious animals and all other kinds of negativities which one encounters on every corner of this planet, and in one's life? What is it all about? Is any useful purpose served? Are we to consider this a natural state of affairs, believing that this is just the way life is? Does life really have to be this way?

Is there, perhaps, a different, much better way of living? Why are all these negative things permitted to come into being and existence? If there is a Creator of all things, did He/She really create all these abominable negative and evil things that we experience on planet Earth? What is the real truth about all of these issues? How does it relate to you personally, and what is your role in all of this? Why do you participate in life on this planet where there is so much negativity, evil, instability, misfortune and all kinds of dangers? Is this what life is all about? Do scientific, historical, psychological, religious or any other traditional explanations of life, and its purpose, give you a true picture of all life, including your own?

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