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Now, if you sincerely wish to find out whether you live a true life, whether your understanding of life is proper and right, and to a certain extent, what true life is all about and how to find your way back to true life, then you have a good reason for reading on, carefully considering everything presented. You don't have to agree with all of it. But you will be shown the way to check it out in a step-by-step procedure, and you will know if it is really true, or just a mere fantasy of the author.

In conclusion, I would like to briefly mention why this book is based upon a spiritual approach. What is a spiritual approach? First of all this approach is neither scientific, historic, psychological or religious, nor is it to be confused with any other traditional approaches advanced by science, history, psychology, religion or any other areas of human knowledge. As you noticed earlier in this introduction, it was stated that there is too much contradiction and uncertainty among the scientific, historic, psychological, religious or any other traditional knowledge concerning these issues.

Therefore, we cannot rely upon, or derive truth from this knowledge, because we would end up in the same predicament, that is, with the same uncertainties and contradictions as that knowledge has. This would lead us nowhere, in exactly the same manner that traditional "knowledge" does. Therefore, it has been necessary to seek out a different source which, in my opinion, is more genuine and reliable than anything traditional and customary. It is obvious that, if a traditional and customary approach cannot give you reliable and dependable knowledge about "Who are you and why are you here," then one must disregard everything traditional and customary and look for something else entirely different. Why not go to the very source of life and to your own substance, your essence instead, and ask these questions? Then see what happens. That is what I did. I was amazed by the answers received. They were so different from anything else made available through scientific, psychological, philosophical, historic, religious or all other traditional sources. I also realized that one of our problems is that we tend to rely too much upon answers given to us by so-called authorities on these issues, including esteemed scientists, philosophers, psychologists, historians, ministers and so on. We tend to believe their claims without carefully questioning that what they say is truly so. Somewhere along the line of our life on this planet, we have forgotten about the most important, and, in my opinion, the most reliable source of all knowledge - ourselves. When we go within, we suddenly make a tremendous discovery - the presence of the real Source, our Creator and all Creation. We know this Source by many names: God, the Lord, Jesus Christ, Vishnu, Krishna, Manitou, Great Spirit, Allah and by many other names used by people on this Earth. From this Source we can find more appropriate answers to all of the vitally important questions related to the topic of this book, "Who am I and why am I here on the planet Earth?" This Source I call a purely Spiritual Source. From It derives all else in life, and life itself. This is the reason why the methodology of this book is designated to have a spiritual approach, that of going inward, to your Inner Mind.

If you are seriously interested in finding your own way into yourself and making a permanent contact with God within you and opening up the unlimited treasure of profound knowledge and wisdom about God, about life and about yourself, you are advised to study this book very carefully, because it gives you (among many other things) a step-by-step procedure to accomplish this important task. In addition, it will show you how to find answers to all of your questions. If you truly love yourself, you owe it to yourself to be open-minded, flexible and mobile. Then you will be blessed.”


Chapter One

Is The History Of Mankind And Thus The History Of Your Origin, As
Described In Various Scientific And Religious Books, A Correct One ?
Are You Really Who They Say You Are ? What Is The True Reality
About All Of This ?

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Who Am I And Why Am I Here On The Planet Earth ?


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