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“Once you succeed in your efforts to get in touch with your innermost Self, your Inner Mind, and the Most High in your Inner Mind, the first lesson that you will be taught is as follows:

Everything that you have ever learned about yourself, about your life and life in general, about the origin of mankind and everything else, is either a gross distortion of how it all really began, happened and is now unfolding or it is totally wrong. You have it all upside-down. You live in an upside-down world and need to learn or relearn everything anew.

Thus the first step that you need to take is to carefully and thoroughly free yourself from all opinions, views, attitudes and belief systems held on these issues up to this point in your life. You cannot succeed in opening up the true knowledge of yourself and your life if you try to open the door to yourself from the position which you have been holding up until this time. If you use the old key to this door, represented by the belief systems, that you have been deriving from throughout your life, you will fail miserably. You can, in fact, become more ignorant and confused about yourself and everything else than ever before.

The second important lesson that you learn from your true self, situated within your true Inner Mind, is that in order to discover the truth about yourself, about who you are, and why you are here and concerning all matters related to this issue, you need to be willing to give up everything that you now believe to be true. This includes all of your currently held religious, scientific, philosophical, psychological or other beliefs.

As you have noticed, emphasis is placed upon your willingness (from your own free will) to give up old belief systems. It does not say that you must completely give them up, but rather that you show a willingness to give them up, so that you may acquire knowledge of the true reality of yourself and your life. Willingness is the new key which will unlock the real door to a vast treasury of true knowledge and wisdom revealing who you are and why you are here. If you are not willing to do so, this door can never be opened.

Why is it necessary to be willing to give up what you believe to be true? The simple reason is that, if you approach yourself with false ideas about yourself, or at least with a possibility that your understanding of these matters could be false, you will not be able to objectively see yourself in the way you really are. Instead, you will be biased and look upon yourself through the eyes of your own particular belief systems. This, in turn, will lead you to accept only those things about yourself and others, which are agreeable with your own belief system. This is a biased approach and at the same time a self-fulfilling prophecy type of approach. This approach finds only those things which your belief system expects or permits, but it does not come from your true self. This is what rigid belief systems do to people. Therefore it is important that you keep your mind and heart open and be willing to admit that the knowledge you have about all matters of life, yourself and others may be distorted or entirely false.

There are two belief systems about the origin of the Universe and life on this planet, including your own origin. They are the scientific and the religious.

1. The Scientific Approach.

The scientific approach teaches us that life occurred by mere chance. It contends that life is a combination of some kind of chemical formulas such as, for example, a carbon-oxygen-protein combination. Life presumably developed by itself, in and of itself, in an evolutionary manner, without any creative source or originator of life. Simply stated, life is supposed to have started on this planet by sheer accident, without any advance planning or thought out process whatsoever. Life then, supposedly started from a simple unintelligent amoebic protein cell. Over many millions or billions of years, by the process of evolution, these primitive cells presumably developed into intelligent forms of life which eventually culminated in human beings as we know them today.

This so-called scientific approach fails to explain properly how it is possible for something to evolve from nothing. That is to say, how it is possible that from anything dead, non-living, such as inanimate matter, for example, something as highly evolved, living, complex and self-aware as human beings can evolve. How can life originate from non-life?

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