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3. The Spiritual Approach.

The spiritual approach was discovered "within" people's Inner Minds. While working professionally with people and with myself, I have developed a procedure for establishing contact with one's Inner Mind. After firm contact was established, I began to receive important revelations about these matters. The results then led me to the development of a new theory and working methodology which I described in my other, more professionally oriented books (these books can be downloaded from Phase II. and Phase III. sections at Those of you who are interested in a deeper philosophical understanding of these issues will find it in these books.

This approach and explanation, which was revealed to me by the Most High in my Inner Mind and in the Inner Mind of other people, claims that both the scientific and traditional religious approaches are incorrect, although they do contain some grains of truth. But those grains of truth are buried under huge mountains of distortion which completely block any access to the true knowledge of what really and truly happened and how it all began. However, the time now is ripe for anyone who is interested to know the truth.

Now, we shall summarize this revelation for you. It is up to you to decide whether you accept it or not. In chapter four you will be given an opportunity to get in touch with your own Inner Mind and to ask the Most High in your Inner Mind whether things really happened as described below.

The True History Of Your Origination As A Human Being.

First of all the Most High does not create things and beings from nothing. This would be in violation of His/Her own order and principle. Secondly, creating things and beings by the word of His mouth does not mean that God says a word and that word becomes reality. This is a description of the literal sense of the Bible. What it really means, is that His every word is pure truth and wisdom and that God's mouth signifies His love and good.

Thus, the Most High created His/Her Creation, in its original form, from His/Her love and good (by mouth) through His/ Her wisdom and truth (by words). Because the Most High is pure Love and Good and pure Wisdom and Truth, in Himself and by Himself, He/She created everything from and by Himself/Herself; not from nothing or by meaningless, empty sounding words. How this process of creation occurred was described in my other books which you can download from website. The description of the process of creation would be too complex and outside the scope of this book. Here it is sufficient to say that Creation did not, and does not take place in time and space, as scientific and Biblical literal approach would lead you to believe. All Creation takes place outside of or without time and space. Therefore, to talk about time and place (space) in the process of creation is total foolishness. Time and place (space) were introduced in the process of creation relative to the position of various celestial bodies and the relationship of their inhabitants with one another.

It is very difficult for us who deal only in time, place and units, and nothing else, to understand what creation - without the presence of time and space - really does mean. How is it possible? We do not have any concrete notion or comparable idea of that kind of situation. The best we can do in this respect is to compare time, space and units with our own experiences of various states and conditions. When we are engaged in a pleasant, delightful, peaceful and happy event, time becomes meaningless to us and we are later immensely surprised to learn how much time elapsed.

The opposite is also true; when one is bored to death, so to speak, every minute seems to drag on like an hour. When one drives a car with something important in mind, one spontaneously goes into a deep trance. Here, the distance between one's point of departure and destination seems almost non-existent. Suddenly one is there, without even remembering how the journey was accomplished. On the other hand, when one is bored, the entire trip seems to be very long and arduous.

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