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These examples give an approximate idea of what it is like to do something without the presence of time and space or place. It is sufficient to realize that the Most High is not limited by any time and space and therefore, He/She creates without time and space. (The reason that I use both "He/She" is that the Most High contains an equal distribution of all principles of masculinity and femininity within Himself/Herself. There is no preference for one principle over the other as there is with humans on Earth.)

But we do not have words in our human language which can express this state of timeless, spaceless condition from which the Most High creates. Unfortunately, for certain important spiritual reasons, our language is built from the elements of time and place, and utilizes only words that are time and placebound. Therefore, whatever we attempt to describe and to understand, we always describe and understand it in terms of time and place. This is the only language which is available to us at present. As you will see later, this situation was not always the case.

Thus, both science and the Holy Bible in their description of the events are grossly limited by this type of language and its ability to express things properly. Nothing else is available at the moment, nor, to be precise, has been available for the last few million years.

The Biblical account of Creation is not a description of the physical creation of the planet Earth in time and space, it is rather something entirely different. Does it seem reasonable that the Bible as a spiritual book, written for the spiritual education of people, should deal with such a non-spiritual subject as the physical creation of planet Earth and its inhabitants? It is more likely that the Creation story is describing some spiritual event or process but is bound by our human concepts of time, place and material existence.

Now, if this is true, what is the Holy Bible telling us?

As it was revealed by the Most High, through the great Swedish scientist, philosopher, mystic and theologian, Emanuel Swedenborg, over two hundred years ago, the Holy Bible is written in correspondences, or in representative meanings. Each word in the Holy Bible contains something purely spiritual which is represented by its literal meaning. Thus what you read in the Bible in the literal sense, is only an appearance of truth which contains real spiritual truths. For example, consider the common language we use when we say that "the sun is rising" and "the sun is setting." Everyone should know that this is not the truth. It is only an appearance of truth. The real truth is that the earth revolves on its own axis around the sun. This situation creates an illusion as if the sun is moving, while, in fact, it is the earth that is moving around the sun. This is a good example of what real truth and the appearance of truth are all about. Often, what seems to be true is not necessarily the truth.

To illustrate this situation for proper understanding, let us briefly interpret the first five verses, in chapter one of Genesis in the Holy Bible. It will give you an idea of how the Biblical description should be appropriately interpreted.

Verse one of Genesis, "IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND EARTH." "IN THE BEGINNING," means the "days of eternity" and the first step, when a human being begins the process of change, from being negative, evil, ignorant and adverse, living in an upside-down position, into becoming positive, good, progressive and placing everything in a right side-up position. "GOD," signifies in this connotation, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, the Former from the womb, the Maker and the Creator. "HEAVENS," means the internal man or the Inner Mind of everyone. (The Kingdom of Heaven is within.) The word "AND" signifies the interior mind of every human being which connects heaven and earth: Heaven - the Inner Mind, "AND" - the interior mind or connection to the earth. "EARTH" here, means the external man or the external conscious, everyday type of mind from which humans on planet Earth derive everything in their lives. For more on these minds, see the next chapter.


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