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"THE EARTH WAS WITHOUT FORM" means that a human being, before change, had nothing of truth. He/she possessed no appropriate knowledge or understanding in his/her external conscious mind; and "VOID" means that there was nothing of good or nothing of positive in his/her external conscious mind. This situation, that is, the lack of any truth and the lack of any good resulted in "DARKNESS." The "DARKNESS" meant people's foolishness, stupidity and ignorance about all things concerning themselves, their true essence and substance, regarding God, Creation and faith in God. Thus, it pertained to everything spiritual and heavenly, and in the ultimate sense, everything that relates to that question "who you really are and why you are here," and other profound questions.

"THE FACE OF THE DEEP" means all external, outward, useless activities of the negative people from the position of their conscious external mind before their change. These external, outward, useless activities people considered to be the only life. From this consideration originates all kinds of false conclusions and belief systems about who you really are, why are you here, what life is all about, what Creation is all about, what God is all about and all other important matters.

By "THE SPIRIT OF GOD" is meant the Lord Jesus Christ's mercy, which "HOVERS" or moves over such things that are stored, hidden or treasured in everyone's Inner Mind. This part of everyone's mind is called, in the Holy Bible, "REMAINS" or "REMNANTS." They store the proper, right and correct knowledge of that which is true and of that which is good, and about the true essence and substance of your own self. Furthermore, this "REMAINS" store the proper knowledge of what really happened to human life on planet Earth, how life was originated, and how Creation occurred, proceeded and became. This knowledge is hidden and cannot come to light as long as we rely upon and derive everything from the external conscious mind and its myths, illusions and perversions arising from the so-called upside-down position. The first step in discovering the entrance to our Inner Mind, is to replace those myths, illusions, perversions - and the upside-down position with a correct and appropriate knowledge of what is truly good, truly true and therefore, truly real. This true knowledge is stored in our Inner Minds and is called "THE FACE OF THE WATERS."


"THEN GOD SAID" means that the Lord Jesus Christ from His mercy steers us from within, from our Inner Mind, where the Lord is always present. By God's steering we are brought to the recognition, realization and acknowledgement of the fact that many things which we consider to be true, real and good are in fact, not true, not good and not real. We begin to see that they are false, evil and unreal. This meaning is revealed by the words "LET THERE BE LIGHT " In the moment there is "LIGHT" we realize that only the Lord Jesus Christ is the true light, the true reality, and that He is goodness and truth in Himself/Herself and by Himself/Herself. It also signifies that for the first time we realize that many things in our life which we consider to be good, are in fact, not good. Instead, they derive or stem from our self-love or egoism and from our love for the outward, external, momentary, passing things of this world which are ultimately self-destructive and destructive to others. Therefore, they cannot be in any way good or profitable. So, we see that many things which we consider to be true are, in fact, not true because they favor, justify, excuse and rationalize our false loves, our egoism, and our false belief systems. They also lead us to clinging to, and dependence upon the external, temporary, transient, unreal, illusionary and useless things that rule our earthly lives. Once we have this realization, "THERE IS LIGHT" in us. This light allows the second step to come to its fruition.


"AND GOD SAW THE LIGHT, THAT IT WAS GOOD," refers to our realization and acknowledgement of the fact that there is no real good and real truth in our external, outward conscious mind. It shows that all good and truth is "within," and comes from our Inner Mind, from the Lord in our Inner Mind, particularly and only from the Lord in our Inner Mind. This realization is good, and therefore it reflects the fact that for the first time we see clearly (we have the "LIGHT," so to speak) from where the real good and the real truth comes. This "SEEING CLEARLY" is the first "GOOD" that we receive from the Most High Who resides in our true Inner Mind.

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